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SpinProp F RIALE is a highly specialized spinnerit gives its best in small environments with medium-low water flow rates. The small mountain streams and the lowland canals with moderate currents are absolutely perfect for this type of lure.


BeeProp MY2017

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FLUMEN "metal insects"  : innovation in wire lures to catch  the smartest preys!

BeeProp:  Weight 2.7g  - TurboSpin front propeller  size 1 - TurboSpin rear propeller size 2 -  beads with  NRS Natural Rattling System. 

BeeProp XLWeight 5g  - TurboSpin front propeller  size 2 - TurboSpin rear propeller size 3 -  beads with  NRS Natural Rattling System.

Hook options: - Barbed treble hook  VMC Cut Point Hi Carbon SteelBarbless hook  VANFOOK 



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Flit 1.5" lenghth: 42mm pack: 10pcs Flit 2"   lengtht : 55mm pack : 9pcs Flit 3" length : 77mm pack : 8pcs


SpinProp FA

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SPINPROP FA: the innovative spinners! Thanks to a perfect  design and Turbospin propeller extremely round rotation and 

high attractive power from vibration.  High quality components and hooks (VMC, VANFOOK, MARUTO)

Size 0 Weighth 3.2 g

Size 1 Weighth 4 g

Size 0 Weighth 6,8 g

Size 0 Weighth 8,0 g


SpinWasp MY2017

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FLUMEN "metal insects" : to deceive also the smartest fish!

Spinwasp XS:  TurboSpin Propeller size 1 - Weight 2.5g 

Spinwasp M:  TurboSpin Propeller size 3 - Weight 3.4

Spinwasp XL:  TurboSpin Propeller size 5 - Weight 6.3g 

Hook options: - Barbed treble hook VMC Cut Point Hi Carbon Steel- Barbless hook  VANFOOK - Barbless treble hook   Maruto

Assist Hook microbarbed

Assist Hook microbarbed

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Assist hooks built on Vanfook hooks cod. So-41MB of different sizes, to obtain maximum balance during the casting phase and avoid annoying tangles .



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Tanta 1" lenghth : 22mm each pack : 12 pcs Tanta 1.5" lenghth : 42mm pack : 10 pcs Tanta 2.5" lenghth : 61mm pack : 8 pcs

Sashi KuriMushi

Sashi KuriMushi

€6.45 Price

CB Larvae  Lenghth: 46mm (1.8inch)    5 threads/ 30pieces

Maggie Lunghezza: 46mm (1.8inch)   5 threads/ 30pieces

Lil' Maggie Lunghezza: 52mm (2.0inch)   5 threads/ 30pieces